Virgin Greens X is a biotechnology company who believes in the growing significance of the food and agriculture sector in the 21st century when human beings are encountering some of the greatest challenges in food shortages, food quality and environmental deterioration. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, by 2050, feeding a forecast population of 9.1 billion will require an increase in global food production of 60% on present levels.

Counting on its research and commercialization capabilities, Virgin Greens X is confident of the continuous relevance of its business model through coming up with more tailored microbial formulations and solutions targeting the areas that concern the food and agriculture sector the most. The Company understands that ongoing product development efforts are the key to its sustainability in the long run.

At Virgin Greens X, we will only classify a product or a solution as “successfully commercialized” after it has gone through the entire flow from research to mass production and marketing.  We believe this is the only way to maximize the premium attaching to any of our marketable products or solutions.  As a result, we have all three key elements under one roof.

R&D -> Production -> Marketing

Our team consists of research people including microbiologists and agronomists, production, quality control and sales personnel as well as experienced management and supporting staff. The team looks after both the local and overseas markets.