The microbiology and analytical laboratory is capable of supporting microbiological research as well as microbiological and physical testing of solid and liquid waste, feedstock and food products. The functions of the laboratory include pH measurements, moisture content analyses, total bacterial counts, total spore counts and strain development, screening, strain handling and preservation, incubation, cultivation and inoculum preparation of indigenous microorganism species.



The laboratory facilities available are outlined as follows:


Work Area


Sample Analyses Reagent/Chemical Preparation pH
Electrical conductivity
Dry weight moisture
Microbial Culture Room Total bacterial counts
Total spore counts
General Laboratory Microscopic research
Isolation procedures
Microbial Culture Room Enrichment and optimization
Cell culture
Bioprocess Unit Formulation and pure cultures
Bioreactor and computation of data
Downstream processing
Quality Assurance General Laboratory Sampling for quality control

The laboratory is equipped with standard protocols of biohazard and laminar flow cabinets for aseptic transfers of microorganism and inoculum cultures. A set of sophisticated, electronically controlled bioreactor allows feasible fermentation development and downstream processing (bioreactor product processing) of microorganism cultures. The sample analyses are carried out in accordance with our in-house laboratory methods adopted from internationally recognized standard methods*.

*FDA: Bacteriological Analytical Manual