“We believe biotechnology is the answer to food shortages, food quality and environmental deterioration and apply biotechnology in agriculture in a way that is good for farmers, consumers and nature.”


Virgin Greens X is a BioNexus Status company which carries on business of research, development and commercialization in Sustainable Biotech Agriculture. BioNexus Status is a special status awarded by the Malaysian government to qualified international and local biotech companies that participate in and undertake value-added biotech activities.

We research into naturally occurring microbes and isolate and identify the selected microbes using morphological and DNA sequencing methods, then develop cocktails of the selected microbes. We use the microbial cocktails developed to manufacture innovative products and market the products to the agribusiness industry.

The direction of the company is clear when applying biotechnology in agriculture – our biotech approach needs to be more efficient than conventional agriculture and has to be compatible with organic agriculture. Instead of relying on genetic engineering or genetic modification to improve crop yield and nutrient value, to control diseases and pests, we make use of naturally occurring microbes to do these jobs. Our range of products covers the entire spectrum of agriculture from plant growth to disease and pest control and makes Sustainable Biotech Agriculture possible.