is specially formulated for controlling fruit and vegetable diseases. Fruit and vegetables are important cash crops while the biggest risk faced by farmers when growing these crops is the long list of diseases such as Fusarium, Phytophthora, Pythium, Rhizoctonia. Once the crops are infected with such diseases, the outcome could be disastrous for the farmers.

The product contains a carefully selected multi-strain cocktail of indigenous microbes (active biological agent) which has antagonistic capabilities towards a wide spectrum of pathogens causing fruit and vegetable diseases. Members of the cocktail have been tested for their positive compatibility to each other as the ability to co-exist synergistically is crucial. Each of the selected strains possesses a unique mycoparasitic property which can suppress and inhibit the growth of one or more pathogens. When combining these strains together, the multi-strain cocktail creates a formidable and effective mechanism which is able to control a range of target fruit and vegetable diseases.